Company Profile

IRPI is an Oregon-based company focused on R&D and technology development through system integration, licensing, and product development. We believe that research is meant to leave the lab and have both a tangible and broader economic impact. This is accomplished by taking fundamental breakthroughs and adapting them to a variety of industries to enhance processes, increase efficiency, or even provide new ways of approaching a particular problem. Both a top-down and bottom-up approach are utilized to serve both research and industry partners. The combined view also provides a framework to direct research with a strategic forward-looking perspective. Active areas of research include capillarity in microscale and microgravity environments, advanced fluid & thermal systems, and biomedical diagnostic devices.

Immediate applied areas include computational fluid dynamics, fluid management aboard spacecraft, microfluidics, advanced heat transport, software development, and consulting. Research at IRPI is enhanced through collaboration with universities and research centers, while commercialization is achieved through industry partnerships.

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