Our Team

Senior Staff

Ryan Jenson
President/Sr. Engineer

Ryan has worked in R&D for over 9 years and has contributed to a diverse range of projects including fluid management in microgravity, catalytic combustion for advanced propulsion, biodiesel distillation, MEMs and microfluidics devices, nano-catalyst particle sizing, advanced heat transport systems, image processing and many others. He received his bachelor’s degree from Portland State University at age 19 with a minor in electrical engineering before completing his master’s degree. Over the past decade Ryan has authored and co-authored numerous publications and presented on various topics, technical and non-technical. Aside from engineering and research, Ryan has also been involved in business strategy, entrepreneurship, finance, and web-based technology. This combination of skills has allowed him to effectively fuse technologies and develop strategic business opportunities around them.

Dr. Mark Weislogel
VP/Sr. Scientist

Mark received his PhD from Northwestern University in mechanical engineering and is an authority on capillarity on earth and in space. His innovative perspective on the subject of capillarity fluidics derives from over 20 years experience with NASA, industry, and now academia where he also serves as Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Portland State University. He has rare exposure to large scale capillary phenomena resulting from manifold experiments conducted in drop towers, low-g aircraft, space shuttles, and space stations. Mark has over 80 publications in the field including 5 patents.

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